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International Yoga Day: These Are The Most Effective Yoga Asanas For Relief From PCOD15 Yoga Poses for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) Treatment


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Proven Yoga Asanas to Conceive Faster & Overcome Infertility, Fertility

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Yoga poses for pcos

Use ambient music instead of loud pumping beats. Your breathing should feel textured and your exhales should be audible. Bhujangasana Cobra pose: Inhale then exhale your legs off to the right side allowing them to rest on the Earth and your head moving in the opposite direction, or the same direction as your knees. I, of course, always encourage speaking with your doctor before beginning anything new, such as yoga, to ensure you do what is truly best for yourself and your unique body. Yoga poses for pcos

Yoga poses for pcos

Yoga poses for pcos

Yoga poses for pcos

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  1. While holding this twist, use your breath to go deeper. Lay down on the floor, heels flat on the ground and knees bent.

  2. Corpse Pose Corpse Pose is the ultimate relaxation pose. One of the most beautiful things about yoga is you can be who you are, how you are, anywhere you are, believe anything you believe and yoga is still for you. Bend your right elbow and place your index finger and middle finger between your brows.

  3. Alternate Nostril Breathing Nadi Shodhana This pranayama technique is extremely beneficial for calming the mind, increasing parasympathetic rest and digest activity 6 , and balancing the energy channels. Yoga can help to balance out glucose metabolism and blood lipid levels 5. Nadisodhan Pranayama:

  4. Use ambient music instead of loud pumping beats. The movements involved in this exercise helps modify the functions of the endocrine gland, thereby facilitating optimum hormonal secretion, and it also massages the uterus, reproductive organs, liver, kidneys, and pancreas. Naukasana is good in case of PCOS as the boat pose put excess pressure on the abdominal region.

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