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Spotlight Stories‘I Refuse to Let Someone Have my Power’: Stories of Survival After Sexual Assault


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Sexual Assault Survivor Shares Her Story After 5 Years of Silence

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Stories of overcoming sexual assult

Anyways one night D called me up and asked if I wanted to hangout with him, his friend and his friends girlfriend. We just went to my house after school. My grandmother has been a teacher all her life. We also provided links to supplemental resources like sexual assault hotlines and counseling services. On that same day she took me straight to the police station and I was referred to the Samoa Victim Support Group - it was also the same day I turned I felt like I was loved and I hadn't felt like that since my Mom had died. Stories of overcoming sexual assult

Stories of overcoming sexual assult

Stories of overcoming sexual assult

Stories of overcoming sexual assult

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  1. I grow up living at my mothers house with my uncles who were never around and my mother was also not around as she was working, so basically i was raised by the nanny.

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