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Locker Room - Drama Short Film - Omeleto

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Sex teens naked locker room

She began letting out stifled moans, and he slammed her body up against the locker and began to shake his hips faster, pulling her into him as he pushed forward to heighten his penetration. He took advantage of the pause in the fledging conversation to adjust the elastic waistband of his sweatpants and pull up his t-shirt to wipe his sweaty face. He whispered in her ear as she nearly gasped from seeing the almost eight inches of cock he was packing: School bell rang so they knew they had to stop. Both were covered in sweat, and he longed to relax. She giggled. He could see her admiring his body, and he was not aware of the rather sizable bulge his soft penis made against the towel. Sex teens naked locker room

Sex teens naked locker room

Sex teens naked locker room

Sex teens naked locker room

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