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Ferret weasel ermine mammal black silhouette vector imageFerret silhouette with hand lettering isolated on white background. Vector illustration


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Ferret silhouette image

To the contrary, some of the key figures seen as likely participants in any Russia conspiracy — Mike Flynn, Paul Manafort, Rick Gates, Michael Cohen — have been charged with other offenses in cases that made no allegation of any "collusion" with Russia. Trim around the edges of the stencil leaving an even border all the way around. Unlimited Presidential Harassment. March 14, Either way, Kris said, Schiff and Congress are on solid legal footing in expecting that Mueller and the FBI will brief them on the results of the counterintelligence investigation into the president — regardless of what criminal charges Mueller files or what he puts in his report. As the president, he has the legal right to spill secrets to whomever he wants. Ferret silhouette image

Ferret silhouette image

Ferret silhouette image

Ferret silhouette image

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  1. How far did Mueller go? The president has called reports he sought to fire Mueller "fake news.

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