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Maintaining DreadlocksHow to Maintain Your Dreadlocks as They Grow


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3 Tips That Will Help Your Dreads Lock Faster

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How to help dreads lock faster

Unfortunately the results, although technically called dreads, are usually less than pleasing to the eye. Any one of our Dread Empire liquid shampoos or shampoo bar are perfect for newborn dreads and can be used in any hair type. The majority of these shine waxes are made with petrolium as the primary ingredient. Take care not to over heat the hair as it will do more harm than good. At the time the 3 inch dread became not only the early sprout of dreads but was the look of the decade for hip hop culture. How to help dreads lock faster

How to help dreads lock faster

How to help dreads lock faster

How to help dreads lock faster

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  1. Your hair grows slower when it's in dreadlocks. Many of the reasons our scalps are dry and itchy is because of residues, whether they come from shampoos, conditioners, or chemicals.

  2. Once your hair starts gaining some length it will be easy to part and continue to twist like this.

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