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Spanking Models ListSpanking and Child Development: We Know Enough Now To Stop Hitting Our Children


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Naughty or Nice with Miss Cassie Guests: Spanking Models

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Spanking model database

Moreover, spanking is ineffective because it is different from other forms of punishment and discipline in that it involves hitting, which is of course a form of violence see further discussion of this issue later. Therefore including both maternal and paternal reports was unnecessary and increased the risk of multicollinearity in the models. Journal of Pediatric Health Care. Second, it is difficult to study in the lab because university Institutional Review Boards prohibit the gratuitous hurting of participants. Affective and cognitive processes in moral internalization. In particular, children under age 1 may be at greater risk than older children of physiological and emotional damage as a result of spanking. Spanking model database

Spanking model database

Spanking model database

Spanking model database

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  1. Criticisms of Spanking From Outside the Academy The abundance and consistency of studies linking spanking with undesirable outcomes in children has failed to spur societal change in attitudes about or use of spanking. Report on Physical Punishment in the United States:

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