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Planning a Square Foot Vegetable GardenSquare foot gardening


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Square Foot Gardening Basics – Family Plot

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What is a square foot garden

There's no doubt that 'Mel's Mix' makes an excellent soil for vegetables. Twenty-five years later Bartholomew updated his methods with a new book, All New Square Foot Gardening , which advocates creating a 6-inch-deep frame or raised bed and filling it with a mixture of vermiculite, peat moss, and compost to plant in instead of garden soil enriched with compost. Grow herbs and more compact veggies such as carrots and radishes in your square foot garden and relegate large plants or plantings to a traditional rowed vegetable garden. Instead of the conventional French Intensive Method, Bartholomew framed his garden in 1" by 1" squares, framed with wood. Weeds will, however, become more common over time as seeds blow or fall into the bed. Less weeding: You can place your raised bed anywhere — even over grass or pavement — allowing you to build, fill, and start planting in a just few hours! Lots of watering: What is a square foot garden

What is a square foot garden

What is a square foot garden

What is a square foot garden

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  1. It's a great method for new gardeners, people who have little time, the elderly or disabled SFG gardens can be built at a raised height to make them more accessible and children. Expensive for Large Gardens: There's a purpose to each of these 'rules' and together they make up a powerful and almost fail-safe method for successful gardening.

  2. They sure are look beautiful, but is this method — known as square foot gardening — effective? To combat this, consider installing soaker hoses or some other type of drip irrigation system.

  3. For this reason, each planting bed contains a rich blend of compost, manure, and soil for the optimally enriched growing environment.

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