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Mtf ts

She could have taken hormones, undergone electrolysis, changed her social gender and name and ID's, and lived as a woman - but NOT had sex reassignment surgery. Ever-increasing numbers of late-transitioning intense CD's and self-proclaimed "autogynephiles" are getting letters of consent from careless counselors and then unwisely undergo SRS, without being fully prepared to live as women and without having clear notions of the other options available to them. I just wish I would have tried more options before I jumped off the precipice. I didn't know that until too late and now I have to make the best of the life I've stumbled into. There are some perks but the important things like being comfortable with myself and having a true love in my life don't seem like they were contingent on the change. I didn't know that until too late and now I have to make the best of the life I've stumbled into. There's any number of ways to express your gender and sexuality and the only one I tried was the big one. And the costs keep coming. Anyway, I'm making it sound awful and it's not. Mtf ts

Mtf ts

Mtf ts

Mtf ts

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  1. In this book, a Princeton University-trained physiological psychologist explores dozens of theories about what may spur transsexual and transgender TSTG thinking, exposes the myths of fetishism, homosexuality, prenatal hormones, or child rearing as causes, and explains the two causes that are supported by current science. Why does a female violate cultural rules to dress and act as a man? And the costs don't end.

  2. Bevan, PhD, synthesizes the pertinent research regarding transsexualism and transgenderism across 22 scientific disciplines.

  3. Don't do it is all I've got to say. I had the sex change, I "pass" fine, my career is good but you can't imagine the number of times I've wished I could go back and see if there was another way.

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