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27 Protective Styles To Try If You're Transitioning To Natural HairUS school faces backlash after black student's 'unnatural hair' criticised


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BEGINNER FRIENDLY: Rubberband Braids/Cornrows (Quick Kids Natural Hairstyle) Back to school

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Little black girl hairstyles no braids

It works well for all face shapes. I recommend this hairstyle for any girl on the go. If your hair is super-thick, try twisting or braiding it first. This look is a braided style with a twisted bun. This style is very low maintenance and can be for worn eight to ten weeks. I would describe this look as a curly top Fade. So, I took on the task of doing my own hair. It makes the hairstyle truly unique when you add your own touches. Click through for some new looks to try out, broken down by your stage in the transitioning process. Little black girl hairstyles no braids

Little black girl hairstyles no braids

Little black girl hairstyles no braids

Little black girl hairstyles no braids

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