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How To Make Hazel Eyes PopThe 6 Prettiest Makeup Shades for Hazel Eyes


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Colours That Make Your Blue, Brown, Green Or Hazel Eyes Pop! Make Your Eyes Stand Out!

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Natural makeup tips for hazel eyes

And consumers buy these products because of how they look on camera. Dark brown or purple mascara is best for hazel- eyed beauties. Light purples teamed up with these colours to create a smokey eye and add depth and drama works really well. But even though this might look like bad news, we can balance that with the fact that hazel eyes are pretty unique and you can experiment all you like to find what best enhances your eyes. People with larger eyes were even rated as being more honest in research, probably because large eyes are associated with youth and innocence. Recommended Articles. Remember that the wing is supposed to be an extension of your lower lashline. Go gently and blend, you can always add more later, orange is not a good look! Eye colour can change during your life. Natural makeup tips for hazel eyes

Natural makeup tips for hazel eyes

Natural makeup tips for hazel eyes

Natural makeup tips for hazel eyes

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3 thoughts on “How To Make Hazel Eyes Pop?

  1. Now comes the tricky part — the wing. In the end, these looks will look good on everyone! Natural sandy tones bring out green in your eyes- try using beige tones and caramel shadows together or use these colours to line your eyes to highlight the green in your eyes.

  2. In the end, these looks will look good on everyone! For a safe hint of colour, without the risk of skin cancer or premature aging, look to bronzer for a natural glow. Do your eyes actually appear grey?

  3. Purple will make your eyes look more blue and gold, green or brown liner will accentuate the green in your eyes.

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