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What the cast of Spring Breakers looks like todaySpring Breakers


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What do actors snort during drug sequences in films? SPRING BREAKERS - Gomez, Hudgens, Benson

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Cast of movie spring break

By it looked as though he had given up on his dream of transitioning into acting, though Val Kilmer's loss albeit a small loss for an actor of Kilmer's size was Jarrett's gain. In regard to the former perspective, The Guardian suggests that the film "reinforces rape culture " and "turns young women into sex objects", [41] while other reviewers state that it "pushes booze -and- bikini hedonism to the extreme", [42] as the "camera glides up, down and around these women's bodies like a giant tongue. Selena Gomez couldn't wait to shed her child actor image and leave Alex Russo — the character she portrayed in Disney show Wizards of Waverly Place between and — in the past. While the murder charges were dropped due to insufficient evidence, Mane ended up in jail in anyway after only completing 25 of the hours of community service ordered after a separate assault. Production[ edit ] According to Harmony Korine , he wrote the film partially to make up for his own spring breaks, as he had been fully devoted to skateboarding, and therefore missed out on what he saw as opportunities for hedonistic pursuits. The film follows four broke college students Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson and Rachel Korine as they head to Florida on spring break with some money they got from an impromptu robbery. He got out last year and is apparently a "slimmer, sober, reformed version of his old self. Desperation is the mother of felony, as the girls demonstrate when they rob the local chicken shack, smashing up the joint with hammers while pointing water guns at employees and customers. Nelson, Adam, Stu and O. But then they're arrested, cuffed, jailed and have to appear in court — never even having the opportunity to throw on a cover-up. Cast of movie spring break

Cast of movie spring break

Cast of movie spring break

Cast of movie spring break

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  1. I would say the biggest influence on the role was this local Florida rapper named Dangeruss.

  2. On other occasions, you feel as if you're experiencing raw, mad, avant-garde genius at work. Petersburg time. And the casting is so spot-on, it's sick.

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