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“RAWG” wants to be the “IMDB for Games”Subtitles for YIFY movie The Back-up Plan


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The Back up Plan - Comedy, Romance, Movies - Jennifer Lopez, Alex O'Loughlin, Michaela Watkins

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The backup plan imdb

Right a poor sap who hasn't seen her movies. At her grandma's wedding Jlo's character is constantly using the cell phone. My recommendation, though, is don't waste your time at all. And she did not have much longer to live. As for Jen, she's kind to the eyes but grating to the ears: The backup plan imdb

The backup plan imdb

The backup plan imdb

The backup plan imdb

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  1. Also bad writing was evidenced by the fact that we never know exactly what the relationship is between him and the Muffin Lady till way into the movie.

  2. The story is the struggle of her trusting him to accept her and the babies. Right a poor sap who hasn't seen her movies. He was dressed too tacky on that first date.

  3. However, now that I'm purposely taking on movies made by the stars of 'Hawaii Five-0' so I can review them for "Hawaii Five-0 Online," I've begun watching lots of movies I may have steered clear of six months ago. People have rightfully criticized stuff like Valentine's Day for giving the genre a bad name, but Back Up Plan makes even V-Day seem almost good by comparison.

  4. Having said that, I'm seriously beginning to wonder if there are other gems I've been missing considering I avoid certain genres like the plague. Along with Jen are a supporting cast whose acting, simply put, reeks. My friend, Carlease, is in it and the promos looked funny.

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