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Molasses to Pennies: All the Smells a Healthy Vagina Can BeWhy You Should Never Ignore Sweet-Smelling Urine (or These Other Body Odors)


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What Causes Sweat to Smell Like Ammonia?

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My vagina smells like ammonia

Knowing the difference between a healthy vagina and the symptoms of a health issue is important, as you'll want to see a doctor if anything seems to be amiss with your reproductive health. A further possibility is diet changes during menopause, which can cause an ammonia odor. Bacteria convert the chemicals in the urine into ammonia smelling chemicals. Your vagina smells sour. Choose products that are suitable for sensitive skin. My vagina smells like ammonia

My vagina smells like ammonia

My vagina smells like ammonia

My vagina smells like ammonia

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  1. Certain foods, medications, and vitamins can cause changes in urine smell and color. Pregnancy Pregnancy can sometimes cause ammonia-smelling urine. Light bleeding after sex can be common.

  2. Many women with bacterial vaginosis report noticing a fishy smell coming from their vagina, but others smell a more chemical odor, similar to ammonia. Reasons for a skunky odor Emotional stress.

  3. Menopause As a woman enters menopause, the body begins to experience change in several ways. According to the American Heart Association , getting too many calories from protein, which is usually the case for those eating low-carb, can result in not enough insulin in the body, and that forces us to start burning energy from our fat stores.

  4. However, for pregnant women the mode of treatment will be different. Takeaway Every vagina has its own odor.

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