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Is Foreskin Restoration Possible?Whole again: the practice of foreskin restoration


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Foreskin Restoration and Tugging with a Knodesme

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Foreskin restoration surgery before and after

Examples of such artificial coverings include a prosthetic foreskin made of latex that covers the glans in a moist environment, [15] and an undergarment that wraps the penis in a double-layered soft fabric "hood" to minimize friction on the glans. When not edematous, the reconstructed foreskins have been soft, pliable, and mobile. Figure 4 A bipedicle flap equal in width to the turned-over cylindrical flap plus its donor area is designed and elevated. For example, you can stretch the penile skin yourself to give it more length over time. I thought about it a while, and eventually, I got an idea. Foreskin restoration surgery before and after

Foreskin restoration surgery before and after

Foreskin restoration surgery before and after

Foreskin restoration surgery before and after

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  1. The resulting expansion of penile skin allows the skin to cover the penis like a foreskin. Surgical restoration Surgical foreskin restoration is accomplished by transplanting skin from areas with tissues like those of the penis — such as the scrotum — onto the penile shaft. After all, it would only have raised more questions if he had told his associate that a device of his own making, a small dumbbell he calls Foreballs, consisting of two ball bearings joined by a stainless steel rod, was attached to his penis to stretch his foreskin.

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