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Quality not Quantity Counts In BedQuality, Not Quantity, Matters When It Comes To Sex (Says Science)


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Better quality quantity sex than

Now, thirty something years later, I realize that throughout our marriage we never worried about that silly jelly bean jar or the social science studies about how much sex we need to keep our marriage healthy. Hold out for something adventurous, exciting, and heart-pounding. However, there is a way around this: Typically, one of you may want to have sex more frequently than your counterpart. Having many of these deeper conversations over time will increase your emotional and physical connection naturally. Sorry to break the news. Trust me, I should know. Better quality quantity sex than

Better quality quantity sex than

Better quality quantity sex than

Better quality quantity sex than

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  1. So maybe we focus too much on quantity, when the real focus should be on quality. Sorry to break the news. Older lovers' wisdom makes sex better Image:

  2. The researchers most likely hypothesized that increased frequency would increase happiness. This helped Ella understand that she was wanted for herself and finally appreciated that Stan was not looking to substitute their lovemaking for porn or being with another woman. However, increasing sexual frequency in the right ways can be beneficial.

  3. Heterosexual men and women are less satisfied and seem to be divided about what happiness and enjoyment mean.

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