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Married at First Sight couple hasn't consummated marriage‘Married At First Sight’s’ Cody Knapek, Danielle DeGroot Divorcing After 1 Year


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Cody knapek of ‘mafs’ finds connection with girl from ‘married at first sight: second chances’

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Cody knapek

Honeymoon Island is an eight-episode series about sixteen singles looking an exotic island attempting to match themselves. However, their physical chemistry never seemed to catch fire. The first season premiered on April 27, Cody expressed on several occasions that he felt that he was doing do much and not getting enough back. After surprising viewers and fans by staying together despite their admitted lack of intimacy, the reality TV stars ultimately threw in the towel late last month. The First Year follows the lives of the two Season 1 couples remain married from the six-month mark to the one-year anniversary and beyond. They laughed together and had fun. On the reunion show this past month, Cody said that Danielle is the funniest person that he has ever met. That is, of course, until recently, when the dietitian was interviewed by lifestyle blogger and television personality Sarah Ruhlman. Cody knapek

Cody knapek

Cody knapek

Cody knapek

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  1. Stating that she has nothing but affection for her former husband, Danielle revealed in the brief interview that the reason behind their recent split is something that many viewers and avid MAFS fans have noticed since the couple got back from their honeymoon — a sheer lack of chemistry.

  2. Nevertheless, Danielle stated that she has no regrets about her brief marriage to Cody. Despite the lack of a sexual connection, Cody and Danielle decided to stay married. Now, a year later, the tide has turned.

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