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Life as a bisexual man at work'I slowly realised I was bisexual' Pippa's story


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I’m Bisexual, But I’m Not…

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Try bisexual

Look, I'm not here to tell you exactly what or who you are. If you've only been in relationships with women in the past, but you're still attracted to both women and men, you're probably bisexual. But luckily for us, some deeper introspection combined with a nice stranger on the internet potentially connecting some dots can make figuring out sexualities a bit more manageable. Labeling yourself as bisexual feels right to you. I spent nights lying awake, thinking things like this: Try bisexual

Try bisexual

Try bisexual

Try bisexual

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  1. On Tinder, bios were often brief, sometimes just a few lines and a bunch of emoji — and I was fine with that. I knew I needed to talk to someone before my mental state hit a dangerous low and I was too scared of what my friends and family would think, so I found other ways to talk about it.

  2. But when we watch lesbian or gay porn and get turned on, we're more interested in the other aspects of sex we're seeing on the screen , rather than the idea of two men or women together. And yet, in my 31 years on this Earth, I have done nothing about it.

  3. Because our bodies literally tell us these things. One day, unable to further deal with the psychic angst of my unspoken feelings, I wrote an epic declaration of juvenile love and sent it to the nondescript ranch home she inhabited with her absentee parents. I vividly recall the afternoon I knew she had received my letter.

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