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Learning sexology

The scientific study of sex and sexuality can be traced back at least to the classical Greek period in the Western world, and even earlier in the Eastern world. Pre-Nazi Germany, under the sexually liberal Napoleonic code , organized and resisted the anti-sexual, Victorian cultural influences. That work is considered as having established sexology as a scientific discipline. Other graduates have gone on to higher degrees by research for example a PhD Please spend some time viewing the Web based information about our programs. These stages run from infancy to puberty and onwards. He also developed other important psychological concepts, such as autoerotism and narcissism , both of which were later developed further by Sigmund Freud. Its library housed over 20, volumes, 35, photographs, a large collection of art and other objects. Learning sexology

Learning sexology

Learning sexology

Learning sexology

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  1. Reich was a controversial but influential figure who believed the rise of Nazism was a symptom of the sexual repression of the German people.

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