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Dating in the Victorian AgeThe Dating Traditions During the Victorian Period


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Dating in victorian age

Restrictive formality dictated all interactions you had with your potential match, meaning you really had to watch what you said and how you said it. A woman was never permitted to go out alone and meet a gentleman. Thus, some or the other kind of supervision was ensured when the couples were meeting. Humphry, The Laws of Etiquette: Dating in victorian age

Dating in victorian age

Dating in victorian age

Dating in victorian age

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  1. The Victorian precept that a lady "never explains or complains" is followed rigidly. Up until , the legal age for both men and women was Hill, there were four items she could accept from a gentleman while still maintaining propriety.

  2. The caveat, of course, was that she could not do so alone. That was the only touch, which was accepted between a man and a woman, who was not engaged to him. No matter where they lived, the Victorian elite would send their daughters — in their mid teens and early twenties — to London for the sake of encountering a potential match.

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