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Saiyan Power Up(launched as Came Back Strong)Came Back Strong


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Tragic Backstory *writing with tropes*

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Tv tropes came back strong

John Brynstone's baby daughter dies, and he brings her back with the power of the Radix. Ork spores lay dormant on several planetary ecosystems, which over a long time finally grew back as Orks, only this time they are far more disciplined and organised than before. It seemed to work, as he survived, retaining his human shape, sanity, memory and personality, thus not fitting any of the 5 subtropes above. In the original comic book The Crow the titular character is arguably somewhere between Types 1, 2 and 4. Tv tropes came back strong

Tv tropes came back strong

Tv tropes came back strong

Tv tropes came back strong

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  1. So, I Can't Play H! Defender of the Human Race has Dark Man, who was given a new memory core after death, and became, essentially, a zombie.

  2. Then he tries to bring people from the past - and the travel makes them raving mad. Every time he's killed, he comes back twice as strong.

  3. The body, on the other hand, is a complete mess, with bad results for both the person and the resurrector. Possible Titles:

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