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1st Quarter 2019-The Book of RevelationAn Adult's Guide To Snapchat


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Beginner's Guide To: Adult Fiction

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Guide for adult

You'll find Stories by swiping left on Snapchat's camera screen, the first screen to appear when you open the app. The most important is the square-ish one with the plus sign. To view a story, you simply tap the circle next to your friend's name, or their name itself. Anything published to Stories is given a lifespan of 24 hours, and Snapchat is capable of stitching multiple pieces of content together into a single story. There's a lot here. Snaps are easily captured via screenshot. Revelation promises blessings to those who read or listen to its words and who heed and keep the admonitions found therein. Guide for adult

Guide for adult

Guide for adult

Guide for adult

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