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Michael Powers Power Exchange Sex Squad

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The power exchange san francisco ca

Her white skin turns pink, and her grimace turns to a smile and back again. Watch for errant pedestrians and wobbling bicyclists. Uber messed up our address. The energy upstairs is starting to pick up now. I walk back through the maze of warrens, and I see a man who appears to be in his late 30s — stocky, dark, maybe Latin — slapping the ass of a large woman bent over an improvised work station. Unlike the strip club that used to be here, there are no hired performers at Power Exchange. On the couch, a couple that could be Edith and Archie Bunker are holding hands. The club smells like a locker room, and the pheromones are intoxicating. Everyone gives the couple space. Other people mill about uncertainly — an older woman and younger men; a big blond with a Latino boyfriend; a couple of single guys. The power exchange san francisco ca

The power exchange san francisco ca

The power exchange san francisco ca

The power exchange san francisco ca

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