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Words of Wisdom by John Wooden

Video about life wisdom from coach wooden:

Life wisdom from coach wooden

His basic philosophy is that none of us is as good as all of us. Just plain Aweome! To create the course, we enlisted the help of some of the very greats who called Coach their mentor. I am most greatful to receive your material. Former college coach of 40 years and a fan of coach Wooden As a longtime advocate and admirer of Coach Wooden his words of wisdom helped me greatly as a coaching lifer. Thanks for your great work - John Erickson Thanks for these wonderful pearls. And he was never afraid to die. Coach, as he was simply known to all, believed that real success is defined not by wins and losses, but by the daily development of yourself and giving your best in all you do. His taste in poetry and prose aside, the coach was a wordsmith of sorts himself. Life wisdom from coach wooden

Life wisdom from coach wooden

Life wisdom from coach wooden

Life wisdom from coach wooden

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  1. Taylor High School This part of the Wooden Philosophy shows how to be a positive individual and leader. He did it for a nobody high school coach who wrote to him for advice, and who he later figured deserved a shot at sharing his enthusiasm for the game in a new way. You felt a responsibility to conduct yourself the way Coach would want you to behave if you were wearing one of those jerseys sitting on his bench, so you checked your behavior each day that you were around him.

  2. They are refreshing for the mind and soul. Coach Wooden was wise to understand that your outlook often controls the outcome. It took 16 years for Wooden to create the kind of team he had envisioned, winning his first national championship in , but over the next 11 years he would win nine more championships.

  3. I was also the National President of the fellowship of Christian athletes for 16 years. And what was more, he lived the Bible.

  4. I always tried to take something from each issue to see if I could apply it to my daily or coaching life. I could look at that and say, Oh my gosh, this is the way that I am to live.

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