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Pomade Vs. Gel - Which Is Right For You?Pomades, Gels, Waxes: What's the Difference?


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Why I Hate Using Hair Gel - Men’s Hair

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Difference between hair gel and pomade

Gel will give you the strongest hold and rock solid hair. In addition, for those with naturally oily hair, wax often offers a much more suited solution given that pomade can add extra grease to your hair. Gel leaves your hair styled, and it will more or less stay in that style until you wash it out. Maybe they live in a very dry climate that leaves their hair wiry, and pomade hydrates it. These do tend to stiffen slightly and leave your hair with that "crisp" feeling. Join me and thousands of others on Sharpologist's shaving information list and get a weekly email with mini-tutorials, article summaries, and discounts plus ebooks, resource guides, and special reports. Difference between hair gel and pomade

Difference between hair gel and pomade

Difference between hair gel and pomade

Difference between hair gel and pomade

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