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Angry GrandpaAngry Grandpa - Bug Spray Prank


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Angry Grandpa - Dog in the shower prank

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Angry grandpa bug spray

This condition became so severe that Green became addicted to painkillers. A year later, a similar video was posted involving the then highly popular game Slender in which Green tried his hand at the game, only to get scared of the Slender Man. Retrieved January 1, Occasionally, Green would just prank Michael for kicks often with the help of Bridgette. Drew; one showing his reaction to his missing pecan pinwheels, featured on Ray William Johnson 's channel and Break. As a result, when Michael and Bridgette got there, Green was wide awake. From to , Michael had a prank tradition on Easter mornings where he pranked Green by giving him chocolate -covered raw eggs. The surgery was not completed until several years later. Angry grandpa bug spray

Angry grandpa bug spray

Angry grandpa bug spray

Angry grandpa bug spray

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  1. In , Green separated from Sharp. References "Angry Grandpa is now Divorced". His death was announced on Twitter by his son, Michael.

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