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House pointsAndron (AndrĂ²n - The Black Labyrinth)


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Andron movie wiki

Spoilers will be present within the article. This conversation was overheard by Rita Skeeter in her animagus form, who published the information in the Daily Prophet. Aragog reveals to them of Hagrid's innocence, the discovery of Myrtle's body in the bathroom and adds that he was not the Chamber's resident monster but however gives them a small clue of it; the monster was born in the castle unlike him and that his species never speak nor mention its name or anything about it as they fear it above other creatures. Before this time, it had been dangerous for Hagrid to go and visit Aragog because, sensing the giant spider's weakness, his family was getting rather restive and possibly preparing to devour him Aragog. Once again the governors considered closing the school due to the attacks. Sometime later, Mosag died and Aragog also became blind. The film also changed his dwelling in the castle from a cupboard to a treasure chest-like box. The Creature Vault, Aragog "was such a beloved character that the design crew wore black armbands while the spider's final scene Aragog's funeral was filmed. Andron movie wiki

Andron movie wiki

Andron movie wiki

Andron movie wiki

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