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Restoring a Stanley 71 1/2 Router Plane - AMAZING TOOL

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Stanley 71 dating

Sometimes the lever cap is snapped and repaired. The first model has the lever cap screw on the face opposite the turned knob. The tool's vintage can be determined by the logo stamped on the flat bar and on the cutter. Cutters now have a groove on all four sides shown below to engage the adjustment wheel. This is another popular Stanley plane, on which the company built a great fortune. Stanley 71 dating

Stanley 71 dating

Stanley 71 dating

Stanley 71 dating

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  1. The first of which was arching the portion of the sole, forward of the cutter, into an open throat configuration. A small washer, usually long lost, fits below the spoked adjusting wheel. Saner of Clifton, Arizona, and assigned to S.

  2. The handle and knob are maple, and on the earliest examples they have a clear finish on them. It has a long, turned wooden handle, which has a pivoting portion to hold the scraper blade. Some guys shim the tote nut with washers in the tote's countersunk cavity so that the tote nut stands proud of the top of the tote.

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