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Just girl stuff ogden ut

I got my dress back two days before my prom and it was perfect. We have noticed a trend for dark greens and yellows and very sparkly dresses in lots of colors. A one stop shop kind of place. I started a small little girls shop and it just grew. I would thank my mom for helping me throughout my business and supporting me and my dream. Will always come here for dresses. We have moved from selling children stuff to adult wear and that was a big accomplishment. If so, what is it? Also how fast trends change. Just girl stuff ogden ut

Just girl stuff ogden ut

Just girl stuff ogden ut

Just girl stuff ogden ut

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  1. We were doing going a photo shoot, went outside and sunk into the mud after a few minutes. Name two things you would like future customers to know about your store.

  2. I can't say enough about them! They let her exchange it for another size and she looked amazing!

  3. So many dresses to choose from. I started a small little girls shop and it just grew. She was so worried.

  4. For homecoming she had picked out an adorable 2 piece short dress the summer before. Every time we came in she was treated like a princess.

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