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Ultimate Guide to Bearded Dragon Impaction: Signs, Treatments, & MoreHow to Know if Your Bearded Dragon Has Impacted


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Bearded dragon enema

Don't just buy what the pet store tells you to buy. Poor guy is so weak and rubbery that he can't even hold his weight up on his arms. Bearded dragons with impaction sometimes even take to resting inside of their water bowls. Loose substrate can be just as bad for other reptiles too-- iguanas, geckoes, etc. If your beardie suddenly seems sluggish, devoid of energy and permanently exhausted, it could mean that his digestive tract is blocked -- voila, impaction. Keep an eye on your bearded dragon's behavioral patterns, as they often can be big clues into his well-being. OK-- here's my Soap Box: For babies, keep the basking spot between and The best substrate options for bearded dragons are going to be ceramic tile, reptile carpet, paper towels, or newspaper. It may happen quicker than this, but 30 minutes is a good amount of time to allot. Bearded dragon enema

Bearded dragon enema

Bearded dragon enema

Bearded dragon enema

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  1. Did I mention how BAD it smelled? Don't brush off any of these key symptoms, as healthy bearded dragons generally eliminate once every few days. Unfortunately, there are many things that can cause impaction in a bearded dragon, from using risky substrate, to using hard-to-digest feeders, to inadequate temperatures in the tank, and much more.

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