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Bouncing Easter Eggs – Naked Rubber Egg Science ExperimentCheshire Cat (The Bouncing) w/ Naked Neighbourhood


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Christina Model BEST Bouncing Compilation!!

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Naked bouncing

Be very careful during this process to not poke a hole into your egg shells. The shell of an egg is made of calcium carbonate. Okay, so he's got a slightly larger ball here which hopefully will bounce a bit slower. So you put some backspin on the ball and to see after backspin on the ball. It starts to spin. Well talk about tennis because that's okay. It's very deceptive and that's, well I guess what are good tennis player is doing is trying to create motions on the ball that deceive you. To find out more fascinating ways that spin can do entirely unpredictable things visit Professor Hugh Hunt's website. Naked bouncing

Naked bouncing

Naked bouncing

Naked bouncing

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  1. The shell of an egg is made of calcium carbonate. I mean, the spin in the air is this Magnus effect which is the effect of aerodynamics, pushing the ball down if you've got topspin and hovering the ball up if you've got backspin.

  2. Well, applications are a bit hard to find but understanding spin is very important - gyroscopic effects and all that, but there was an episode in in the World Cup.

  3. Place egg in a tall clear container with a wide mouth. Let the egg in vinegar sit for 2 more days. This means that there must be a large frictional force on the ball which starts it spinning, in fact because the ball is elastic its spin bounces and it starts to spin the other way.

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