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The Story of Rannulph JunuhWas ranulph junuh a real golfer?


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How Bagger Vance Became Junah's Caddie

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Rannulph junuh true story

Junuh cynically rejects them all. Though duffer Damon clearly is green on the greens — PGA master Tim Moss gave him a crash course — the more experienced McGill and Gretsch deftly suggest the differing swing styles that also help define their characters. The message in Bagger Vance-the importance of finding one's 'authentic' self-could have been delivered with a much heavier hand. The Georgia Legislature renamed a highway in his honor. At this point, as corny as it sounds, Junuh-and the movie-begin to come to life. Rannulph junuh true story

Rannulph junuh true story

Rannulph junuh true story

Rannulph junuh true story

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  1. The mushy script is also nicely leavened with flashes of wry humor which are well-handled by the wisely chosen cast-Smith, Damon and Theron, who happen to be among the hottest, most attractive and talented actors around these days.

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