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Bad Education S01E01

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Bad education series 1

Martin has been living in his car and moves in with Alfie and Rosie. She frequently schemes for more power, and nearly succeeds in unseating Fraser as headmaster in the final episode of Series 1, until Jing proved that she had been stealing money from the school by lying about her expenses. Alfie often compares her to an SS Officer and makes fun of her fascist views. However, it appears that this relationship is over in "Exam" when it looks like a student accidentally killed her dog Coco while she was in Martin's care Coco is shown to be alive and unharmed in his office after the incident, but it is never mentioned if she was returned. He thinks of himself as intelligent and enjoys wordplay and metaphor, though it embarrasses his staff frequently. Guest characters[ edit ] Mrs Carmichael portrayed by Hillary Whitehall mother of Jack Whitehall is Stephen's mother who wanted him to leave Abbey Grove thinking it wasn't the right school for him but in the end let him stay. He is immature, irresponsible and generally incapable for the position which he held. In the Bad Education Handbook, it is implied that he legally changed his middle name to "Banter", a word that he is obsessed with. Bad education series 1

Bad education series 1

Bad education series 1

Bad education series 1

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