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MS Word – Table of Contents Problem SolvingTables of contents


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Microsoft Word: Incorrect Page Number Shows in Table of Contents, List of Tables, or List of Figures

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Table of contents page numbers not updating

The Allow starting in Reading Layout option is turned on in Word. Increase the levels by clicking on the drop down list. For details, see: You can adjust heading styles to match an existing document by highlighting the text and updating your desired heading to match existing formatting. The TOC field supports a variety of switches, enabling you to fine-tune its format. Table of contents page numbers not updating

Table of contents page numbers not updating

Table of contents page numbers not updating

Table of contents page numbers not updating

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  1. Method 4: If you do, unless the user has manually typed the wrong numbers into the TOC, the problem exists in the body of the document, not in the TOC. Update Entire Table.

  2. TOC does not contain the heading you just added to your document. This article will walk you through how to insert a Table of Contents in Microsoft Word , , and — the process does not vary greatly between Mac and Windows versions. Simple and stable:

  3. This is an especially helpful tool for readers of long documents. The table of contents in the document is three or more pages long. This process works for versions of Microsoft Word from onward on both Mac and Windows.

  4. Turn on all formatting marks Start Word. If you do, the styles remain applied and the entries are all converted to hard text.

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