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Agents have outdated virus definitions and will not updateSymantec System Center 10.0 walk-through for administrators


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System Center Endpoint Protection Not Updating With WSUS

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Symantec system center not updating

In the Discovery Service Properties window, on the General tab, select one of the following options: The console pings every computer in the range of IP addresses. In addition, unless your users have a legitimate business need to disable their virus protection, we strongly recommend that you click on the lock icon so that it appears as locked. You should now see your AV servers under the server group. Symantec system center not updating

Symantec system center not updating

Symantec system center not updating

Symantec system center not updating

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  1. Only one discovery can run at a time. The primary server has a small circle with a blue arrow in it see the References section of this document for more information on icons in the System Center.

  2. On the Symantec AntiVirus tab, in the Virus Definitions box, the file version is listed as a numerical date, followed by a version number.

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