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Gro-aut Hair Growth OilHow to Stop Hair Breaking From Roots


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How I Stop Hair Breakage & Mend Split Ends Instantly I Relaxed and Natural Hair

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How to stop hair breakage relaxed hair

Happy and thankful. This miracle oil is the best and I will be a loyal customer forever! I'm familiar with the benefits of Indian herbs for hair growth and have been using a DIY concoction of the oils and herbs for the past 4 months. I use it 3 times a week. Another cause could be scarring or damage to the hair follicle or no hair follicle present at all. The winter is perhaps the number one time our hair is most susceptible to damage because the air is dryer and the winds are typically higher. To avoid heat damage the solution is simple—turn down the heat. Right away my hair became soft, shiny and my scalp felt great. How to stop hair breakage relaxed hair

How to stop hair breakage relaxed hair

How to stop hair breakage relaxed hair

How to stop hair breakage relaxed hair

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  1. Or better yet, give the heat tools a rest. Well over-manipulation is cumulative. Stress is at the root of all hair breakage.

  2. If there is scarring or no hair follicle present then there is no hair oil or product that will grow hair if there is damage or no follicle present to grow hair.

  3. UV rays from the sun break down the protein bonds found in the hair shaft. I am so happy. I will be ordering again.

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