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gals panic mameGals Panic (Unprotected)


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Gals panic mame

Temporarily increases player's speed to maximum. If a stage is incomplete before time runs out, the stage is restarted. If the background is Strawberries 1 and 5, Show Time Deluxe is always played. When collected, causes background to change. Show Time[ edit ] The show time system from GP4 was expanded to 2 stages. Time can be replenished by continuing, or dying when remaining time is low enough to issue warning. Enemies[ edit ] Bosses can now reclaim captured background, especially after it is hit by bomb blast, or panic attack. After completing every 3 stages, a bonus game is available, which allows player to earn extra life if player successfully complete the challenge. Unlike 1-player mode, there is no show time. Higher level attack causes player to fire more shots at once. Gals panic mame

Gals panic mame

Gals panic mame

Gals panic mame

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  1. Non-boss enemies are destroyed upon contact, while bosses are pushed back, immobilized, or even shrunk when hit by explosion. Stages[ edit ] Single player mode can last 12 stages. Panic attack[ edit ] Panic attack system is simplified such that it is automatically activated when a large amount of silhouette is captured at once.

  2. Non-boss enemies are destroyed upon contact, while bosses are pushed back, immobilized, or even shrunk when hit by explosion. Increases player's speed. Models[ edit ] Similar to GP3, there is only 1 round for each chosen model.

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