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How to Make Rainbow Plastic Bead SuncatchersMelted Bead Sun Catcher


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Melted Bead Suncatcher / Ornaments

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Making suncatchers out of plastic beads

String the pieces together. Let the sun shine through! They need to be somewhat transparent so they will act like a suncatcher and let the light shine through them. I knew I wanted to have a large piece, then a medium piece, then a small piece, then 3 hearts on the suncatchers for my mom and mother-in-law, and smaller ones for my sister and Old Grandma. Making suncatchers out of plastic beads

Making suncatchers out of plastic beads

Making suncatchers out of plastic beads

Making suncatchers out of plastic beads

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  1. This one took almost a whole bag of beads; it's really big. Or maybe the melting beads simply fused to it?

  2. The grill worked so much better. We got all shapes and sizes of dishes, including a really neat heart-shaped mini muffin pan. My results have been consistently good with the grill.

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