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Jackson Guitar Company & Serial NumbersJackson Pro confusion?


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Fender - Squier Guitars - serial numbers - tag specs

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Japanese jackson guitar serial numbers

Headstock of a Jackson Rhoads Pro from the Professional series. But when Jackson use the terms inconsistantly, it becomes confusing. It appears some early JS30xx production guitars were given 8 digit serial numbers starting with 04xxxxxx identical to the MII JS20 guitars already produced in India. Furthermore, from early thru , the word Pro suddenly appeared on the truss rod covers of the Pro guitars. My interpretation The label Professional denotes a series of guitars. Japanese jackson guitar serial numbers

Japanese jackson guitar serial numbers

Japanese jackson guitar serial numbers

Japanese jackson guitar serial numbers

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3 thoughts on “Serial Number Table for Jackson Neck-Thru Models:

  1. There is not a precise way of dating the production numbers across all four years of MIK production I only have a few dates aligned with serial numbers as of right now ; if you have a MIK guitar please post the serial number and any other information at http: No serial numbers are known except ones leading with a 6, so it is likely production of Jackson guitars in Taiwan started and ended in It makes a lot more sense to me this way, especially when you look at what happened the following years, when the series expanded:

  2. So what are the differences between them, Jackson? Hello my friend just purchased a Jackson 7 string, it has green strings and looks to be custom made but we're not sure.

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