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Wedding DJ Arrested for the Brutal 1992 Rape and Murder of School Teacher Christy Mirack'DJ Freez' arrested in '92 killing of Christy Ann Mirack


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Christy ann mirack

There was not a match, and the years passed by. The science was also used to catch the Golden State Killer and has solved many other cold cases recently, including one last week in which a WWII veteran was found to have stolen the identity of an 8-year-old and another just days ago in which DNA on a napkin helped solve the killing of a year-old girl. Horrifically, the coroner was able to find DNA from sperm on multiple areas of her body and in a section of the carpet directly under where her body was found. Investigators were convinced that after more than two decades of searching, they'd likely found their guy. Christy ann mirack

Christy ann mirack

Christy ann mirack

Christy ann mirack

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  1. When he walked inside, he saw Mirack dead on the floor. A photograph of Christy Mirack before her death in

  2. The DNA match wasn't enough to make an arrest, however, and on May 31, investigators reportedly collected a water bottle and gum Rowe had used and threw away at an event he was working at an elementary school.

  3. When Raymond Rowe, known professionally as "DJ Freez," finished a DJ set at an elementary school in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, last month, he didn't know undercover officers were watching him. They reportedly interviewed more than 60 men, testing their blood types and bodily fluids to see if they matched Mirack's murderer.

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