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50 reasons why Shanghai is the world's greatest cityBig Ass Moms


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The Big Picture - Transgender Persons Bill, 2018

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Big bund pic

Originally meaning mountain stronghold -- areas where bandits used to hide out -- the term now refers to all those products operating and being created outside of government regulation, and Shanghai consumers love each of every one of them. Architecture and buildings[ edit ] The Peace Hotel green steepled building , formerly known as Sassoon House, one of the most famous buildings on the Bund. The last place on Earth to truly meander Street life is a form of kinetic sculpture in Shanghai. However, with the Communist victory in the Chinese civil war , many of the financial institutions were moved out gradually in the s, and the hotels and clubs closed or converted to other uses. People's Square marriage market This unusual event that takes place on Saturdays at People's Square is jam-packed with parents who have children of marrying age. The Russian Consulate on the Bund at 20 Huangpu Rd, Hongkou Qu By the s, the Bund housed the headquarters of many, if not most, of the major financial institutions operating in China, including the "big four" national banks in the Republic of China era. The Customs House No. The vacated road space was used to widen the landscaped promenade along the waterfront. Big bund pic

Big bund pic

Big bund pic

Big bund pic

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