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HOW TO GET A GIRLFRIENDDissecting the Re-Os molybdenite geochronometer


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Os dating

Therefore, understanding the mechanisms than control the distribution and abundances of parent and daughter isotopes and their form of incorporation in any given mineral, including their potential occurrence as nanoparticles or metal clusters, is of utmost importance in the interpretation of isotopic measurements and of geochronological ages. Additionally, the Os component of common Os is ca. Direct measurement of the age of continental crust through Re-Os dating is difficult. For example, the boundaries of many Phanerozoic systems, epochs, and stages are marked by the deposition of black shale units, several of which are coincident with mass extinction events. We conclude that Re and Os are structurally bound or present as nanoparticles in or next to molybdenite grains, recording a complex formation history and hindering the use of microbeam techniques for Re-Os molybdenite dating. Controls on the incorporation of Re and Os in molybdenite Rhenium and Os are heterogeneously distributed reflecting changes in the composition of the hydrothermal fluid. Furthermore, the distribution of Re and mass i. Os dating

Os dating

Os dating

Os dating

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