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Lesbians Explain : Scissoring

Video about how lesbians scissor:

How lesbians scissor

According to Mal Harrison, sexologist and director of the Center for Erotic Intelligence , scissoring has become more common in recent years, especially among millennials and Generation Z women, and porn may be the cause — it's now just a simple click away on the internet, after all. Need I say more? But if you get it wrong, it feels like nothing. The episode is credited with having brought more recognition to the act of scissoring, [26] [28] with The Raw Story stating, "Though the band 'Scissor Sisters' takes its name from descriptions of the act, it wasn't until scissoring was dramatized in the 'South Park' episode 'D-Yikes' that it achieved wide recognition in mainstream culture. How lesbians scissor

How lesbians scissor

How lesbians scissor

How lesbians scissor

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  1. Start practicing your scissoring. Be patient with yourself and your partner. Oh and you might want to think about lube.

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