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These Naughty Truth or Dare Questions and Ideas are SUPER FUNTop 110 Best Truth or Dare Questions for Teenagers


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Teenage truth and dare questions

Naughty Dare Ideas Although it may seem like a good idea to jump to the truth questions, at times, a dare can really save you in the game. Kiss the person to your left. If you had 2 days with no parental supervision, what would you do? Select one item in front of you and blindfold your eyes, now describe the advantages of that item. Whom do you hate the most? Hear me roar!! This amusing game can be played in a small group or a large one. Teenage truth and dare questions

Teenage truth and dare questions

Teenage truth and dare questions

Teenage truth and dare questions

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  1. If you could be born again, what would you choose to be born as? What happened on the worst day of your life?

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