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The Best Literary Writing About SexSex on the Page: How to keep the romance in your sex scenes


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Word Essential 60 Second Writing Tip: Sex Scenes

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Sexual encounter writing

I look at my own little daughter and promise myself not to traumatize her first infantile sexual encounters with other kids, to keep it in perspective. For a story that will keep your reader awake all night, we need to dig deeper, and that comes from understanding why a character wants a certain thing. And I mean real, deep-seated conflict, not arguments or petty disagreements. Weeks before the planned weekend, we decided I should start taking the pill. I think my friends feel that way too. I woke up from a dream and the room was filled with sunlight. It was ten years ago, and yet, like all rites of passage, it is imprinted on my mind with vivid detail. Whatever your choice, the first thing to note is that spelling is paramount. Young love. Sexual encounter writing

Sexual encounter writing

Sexual encounter writing

Sexual encounter writing

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