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Literotica party games

The naked woman desperately asked the others to be allowed something to wear, but no one would oblige her. She just parted them for me and I began to rub her pussy through the sodden material. My feet were in stockings and I had on a large belt, which I am sure the nude woman felt as I sensually ground at the small of her naked back. After several such strokes Holly reached back and slipped her panties down her legs to lie crumpled at her feet. The group fell silent again for a while until I said simply, " Well? Since the men had lost the fewest clothes, they all got completely dressed, leaving the woman who lost stark naked and me shoeless in my stocking feet, for the rest of the night. I knelt down and took the scrotum in front of me into one hand. Literotica party games

Literotica party games

Literotica party games

Literotica party games

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  1. I had never seen her so excited for many years if ever. And then it was over. For the rest of the party, the lone naked woman was the center of every ones' attention.

  2. Would she do it? This brought a cry of anguish from the lone woman who lost, as she suddenly realized that not only would she have to party and go home naked, she would be the only one doing so at that.

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