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50 Quick and Easy Girls' HairstylesBraids for Kids – 40 Splendid Braid Styles for Girls


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5 Basic Braids

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Simple braids for girls

Perfect Heidi Braids with Flowers This adorable hairstyle is similar to the crown braid, but it wraps around the back in a U shape instead of going all the way around the head. So pretty! Source Well, young girls are little women who also strive to be beautiful and express themselves through beautiful hairstyles and dresses. Colorful Braided Pigtails These adorable spunky pigtails are expertly done. While the thick cornrows typically feature straight parts, this look switches things up with curves and added small braids in between. Once the fishtail braid has reached the end of her hair, secure it with a hair elastic. If you want to add some color, try a few extension streaks instead of beads. These may include freely-hanging side-parted braids, half up bun, low or high pony, top knot or fishtail, to name a few. Cute Braided Hairstyle for Black Girls Black braided hairstyles with extensions are not only for adults. Simple braids for girls

Simple braids for girls

Simple braids for girls

Simple braids for girls

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  1. Angled Cornrow Braid Styles for Kids The style in this photo also uses extensions, braided into cornrows, which are finished with twists. All you need to do is to choose the size and design of cornrows. Using clear elastics as you go up each step will make this style a lot easier to achieve.

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