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#BBCtrending: Chinese respond to 'rude' stereotypeWhy you shouldn’t look down your nose at Chinese tour groups


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"Very rude": Queen overheard commenting on Chinese behaviour

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Why are chinese people so rude

In , when I had problems with my bf, she counselled me as well. Her sentiment is common: Chinese tour groups are large. Chinese tourism and money from the public and private sectors poured in and effectively staved off an even greater recession. Their most recent trip was to Alaska on a Carnival Cruise. But his story is not unique. Throughout my life, teachers from China have inspired me greatly. These tourists are not wearing any of these things. Especially in restaurants. However, attitudes remain. Why are chinese people so rude

Why are chinese people so rude

Why are chinese people so rude

Why are chinese people so rude

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  1. You can read about the whole incident here. Both of you struggle to see below the flickering 40 watt street lamp, which is the only one in a two mile radius. As a brilliant person on quora explains:

  2. When I asked why, the staff told me it was due to the rise in Mainland tourist who were unfamiliar with how to protect our oceans and coral reefs.

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