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80 Cute Layered Hairstyles and Cuts for Long Hair50 Sexy Long Layered Hair Ideas to Create Effortless Style


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Los Angeles Layers - The LA Long Layered Cut

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Sexy layered hairstyle

For someone with a mane that goes down to their ribs and beyond , giving your hair some difference in lengths will add some much-needed dimension and keep it looking healthy. A great math for fairer skin types and fun lightweight hair while maintaining some length. Add in subtle highlights to the ends of your light layers. Quick to style and easy to manage, this is the best style for those on the go. Straight Layered Hair Long layered haircuts are easy to style and very versatile. Natural ombre coloring accentuates the style making it even more glamorous with curls. In this type, the top section of the hair is cut at a degree angle while the remaining hair on the sides is cut at a degree angle. When you strategically cut short layers on long hair you create shape and depth. Sexy layered hairstyle

Sexy layered hairstyle

Sexy layered hairstyle

Sexy layered hairstyle

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4 thoughts on “Chic and Trendy Layered Hairstyles for Long Hair

  1. Break out your curling iron to form romantic ringlets that will bounce freely behind you. Layering can also make a women look years younger as well because of how the hairstyle falls and transitions. The all-over layering starts on the face and gently sweeps back to the ends.

  2. But one of the best ways to bring life back into your tired locks is to add in long layers. We are simply amazed by all of these pictures and definitely consider them worthy of copying. A great style to choose for naturally wavy to straight hair types with minimal effort and maximum appeal.

  3. This is also a really natural, easy hairstyle for those who prefer a low-maintenance style. Style in beach waves to really see the color transition at work.

  4. Layered Ombre Long styles are not always as varied as those for short or medium-length hair. Big, wavy, curly tendrils of hair are full of dimension and shine for an unbeatable pretty and romantic vibe.

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