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We Asked Experts About the Sexual Benefits of FastingRAMPANT SEXUAL HARASSMENT IN FAST FOOD RESTAURANTS


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A Connection Between Sexual Purity and Fasting? - Tim Conway

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Sexual fast

Remember that most of what folks say on this topic is derived from their own speculation. They were united in spiritual vision during a time of intense Roman persecution in the early Church. Sex is not a necessity! Until now, that is. My marriage bond means my body is no longer my own, and to deny my wife sex is to defraud her. The answer to whether a sex fast is right for you comes down to one simple adage: Unmarried people should be celibate, that is, refrain from sexual activity. The other thing we need to pay attention to in addition to the above three points is the definition of fasting: For they love to stand and pray in the synagogues and at the street corners, that they may be seen by others. Fasting is one of the Christian disciplines that is becoming rare and considered as outdated. Sexual fast

Sexual fast

Sexual fast

Sexual fast

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  1. Christian counselors, even if they encourage a sexual fast, should not require it if the spouse is not agreeable to it. We are members of one local church in our area.

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