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Answer originally published January 13, Their advantage in females, in terms of reproductive success, is clear. But because the genetic "default" is for males and females to share characters, the presence of nipples in males is probably best explained as a genetic correlation that persists through lack of selection against them, rather than selection for them. Other disorders. The result of nipple stimulation by the newborn helps to move breast milk out through the ducts and to the nipple. Mechanoreceptors are identified respectively by Type I slowly-adapting with multiple Merkel corpuscle end-organs and Type II slowly-adapting with single Ruffini corpuscle end-organs , as well as Type I rapidly-adapting with multiple Meissner corpuscle end-organs and Type II rapidly-adapting with single Pacinian corpuscle end-organs. Most of the time a mammogram and an examination of the fluid is done. For traits where there is no difference among the sexes, evolutionary biologists assume that there has been no advantage to one of the sexes losing the trait. Why males have nipples has been the subject of scientific research. The consistency can be thick, thin, sticky or watery. Nipls




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